How Do You Leverage Social Media for Marketing?

How Do You Leverage Social Media for Marketing?

In the dynamic world of social media marketing, CEOs and Directors have shared their most impactful tactics that have amplified their brands’ presence online. From incorporating humor with funny videos to tailoring content to platform audiences, discover the diverse strategies in these ten expert insights.

  • Incorporate Humor with Funny Videos
  • Targeted Paid Social Media Ads
  • Build an Authentic Brand Community
  • Engage Users with Social Media Games
  • Daily Educational Videos Boost Instagram
  • Utilize User-Generated Content Effectively
  • Foster Conversations, Not Just Posts
  • Focus on Genuine Audience Engagement
  • Highlight the Prestige of .Com Domain
  • Tailor Content to Platform Audiences


Incorporate Humor with Funny Videos

Incorporating humor into our content has amplified our engagement rates and led to a remarkable 10-fold return on investment.

It’s true! Creating relatable, entertaining, and shareable funny videos captures the attention of a broader audience and encourages community interaction among our followers. These videos often also have viral potential, exponentially increasing our brand visibility and driving substantial traffic to our website.

What’s more, the positive emotional response elicited by humor encourages viewers to share the content with their networks, further expanding our reach. The effectiveness of this approach lies in its ability to break through the noise in social media feeds, creating memorable impressions that translate into increased brand loyalty and conversion rates.

Michael Lazar, CEO, Content Author


Targeted Paid Social Media Ads

An effective tactic we’ve employed at our organization is the strategic use of paid social media advertisements. We’ve honed our ability to target advertisements very precisely, focusing on demographics that align closely with our ideal customer profile. By combining compelling visuals with targeted messaging that addresses specific pain points, our ads deliver a strong call to action that resonates with the audience. This method has not only improved our reach but has also significantly enhanced our click-through rates and conversion rates. The ability to measure and adjust our campaigns in real-time based on analytics has been instrumental in maximizing ROI from our social media spend.

Marc Bishop, Director, Wytlabs


Build an Authentic Brand Community

For us, focusing on building an authentic community around our brand on social media has helped us a lot. During our initial days, we used to just post about our services, but now we share industry insights, and answer common questions in engaging formats like polls or live videos, and even behind-the-scenes glimpses of our team culture. 

This approach helps us gain trust and positions us as thought leaders. Then, when we do have a relevant announcement or project update, it lands much better with a warmed-up audience who already knows and likes us.

Rahul Vij, Co Founder, WebSpero Solutions


Engage Users with Social Media Games

“Gamification of Social Media Interactions” has substantially increased engagement on our platforms. We introduce games, challenges, and contests with small but meaningful rewards, such as exclusive insights or consultations with our experts. These activities encourage more interaction and prolong engagement with our content, thereby increasing the visibility and virality of our social media presence. Plus, they add an element of fun and excitement, making our brand memorable and engaging. Furthermore, we use analytics to track participation and adjust our tactics in real time, ensuring that each game or challenge is optimized for maximum engagement and aligns with our broader marketing goals. This approach not only entertains but also educates our audience about our services in a compelling way, reinforcing our brand’s value in every interaction.

Jason Hennessey, CEO, Hennessey Digital


Daily Educational Videos Boost Instagram

Our ‘100 Days of Social Media Mastery’ campaign on Instagram, where we’re sharing one educational video daily, has already made a significant impact just 15 days in, with a reach exceeding 100,000. This tactic has revitalized our previously underperforming Instagram channel, demonstrating the effectiveness of consistent, high-quality content in dramatically boosting engagement and reach.

Debbie Moran, Marketing Manager, RecurPost


Utilize User-Generated Content Effectively

One tactic that significantly boosted our marketing efforts is leveraging user-generated content (UGC). Authentic customer stories and photos build trust and attract more customers. To gather UGC, encourage reviews, create unique hashtags, and run contests with prizes. Showcase this content on your social channels, stories, and website. This approach increases engagement and fosters a strong community around your brand.

Chris Geldof, Blogger, Chris Geldof


Foster Conversations, Not Just Posts

Social media can feel like a ghost town sometimes. You post, but crickets! Here’s the trick that helped us: we stopped talking at people and started talking with them.

Instead of random posts, we figured out what our audience actually cares about. We listened to their comments and questions, then made content that fit the bill. It wasn’t just about showing off – it was about having real conversations.

Guess what? People loved it! Our followers are increasing, our engagement is growing, conversions have improved, and people are recommending us to others. It’s awesome!

Here’s why this trick works:

People want to be heard. When you show you care about what they have to say, they stick around and talk back.

The right message goes a long way. Talking about things that matter to your audience makes them feel like you get them.

Word travels fast online. Happy followers become walking advertisements, telling others about the value you add.

Don’t just collect followers—build a community of brand advocates! This audience-centric approach fuels long-term growth and turns likes into loyal customers.

Lata Tewari, Chief Content & Marketing Officer, Webuters Technologies Pvt Ltd


Focus on Genuine Audience Engagement

One social media tactic that has significantly boosted our marketing efforts is shifting our focus to genuine audience engagement. Social media is about being social, and connecting with our audience through interactive content and outbound engagement—liking, commenting, and sharing—has created a strong sense of community and loyalty.

We recently wrote a blog post focused on audience connection and the typical goals businesses set. It shows why audiences use social media and illustrates how shifting the focus to authentic engagement can lead to a chain reaction of benefits, including increased visibility, higher engagement rates, and ultimately, better conversion rates.

For more details, check out our blog post: The ultimate Social Media Marketing Goal: Connecting with your Audience

Katharina Garmon, CEO & Founder, Socialkind Studio LLC


Highlight the Prestige of .Com Domain

Consistently highlighting our .com domain has helped us establish a sense of credibility and professionalism that resonates well with our target audience. The results? Higher engagement rates and increased trust in our brand.

What’s more, the response to our .com domain has been overwhelmingly positive, leading to improved click-through rates and a notable uptick in conversions. Capitalizing on the inherent prestige of a .com domain has proven to be a highly effective strategy.

Michael Gargiulo, Founder, CEO,


Tailor Content to Platform Audiences

Knowing our audience and speaking their language, we leverage social media analytics to understand where our ideal customer spends their time online. Is it visual-heavy platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, or are they more engaged with informative content on Facebook and Houzz? Instagram & Pinterest’s focus is on grabbing attention quickly. We use concise captions with relevant hashtags, highlight key features with text overlays on visuals, and leverage eye-catching color palettes and design elements. Facebook & Houzz content dives deeper. We use longer captions to explain design choices, share customer testimonials, and answer frequently asked questions. Live Q&A sessions with our design experts can also be a great way to directly engage with the audience on these platforms.

We tailor our content and messaging to each platform, ensuring it resonates with the specific audience. The tone and style of communication also differ across platforms. On Instagram and Pinterest, we keep it casual and conversational, using emojis and design-centric language. On Facebook and Houzz, the tone becomes more informative and professional, addressing the audience’s specific needs and challenges with expertise.

Josh Qian, COO and Co-Founder, Best Online Cabinets

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