How Does Holistic Wellness Coaching Impact Health Outcomes?

How Does Holistic Wellness Coaching Impact Health Outcomes?

Exploring the profound impact of holistic wellness coaching, we’ve gathered insights from professionals, including a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach and an Executive Life Coach. From embracing life beyond work to alleviating chronic conditions, these five experts provide compelling examples of how coaching can lead to significant health transformations.

  • Embracing Life Beyond Work
  • Finding Empowerment Reduces Anxiety
  • Stress Relief Through Nature
  • Tailored Wellness Plans Transform Health
  • Comprehensive Approach Alleviates Chronic Conditions


Embracing Life Beyond Work

I work with many clients who are experiencing burnout, yet do not like to admit it. It is natural for high achievers to push themselves through challenges, and it’s a source of genuine satisfaction. The belief that they should do the same to overcome burnout ultimately leads to physical, mental, and emotional drain. 

The holistic wellness coaching approach helps my clients identify and embrace other aspects of their lives that are equally important as work. For example, how to embrace rest meaningfully and shift priorities to other meaningful parts of their lives neglected due to compulsive striving to meet unrealistic expectations. Doing so leads them to receive energy, whether it is from nature, relationships, or positive self-reflection. Ultimately, that results in increased emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

Yana Carstens, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach, Lively Lion Wellness


Finding Empowerment Reduces Anxiety

Using the P.O.W.E.R. process from the Practical Wisdom Clarity Program, my client, an overworked software executive, mastered the skill of finding empowering meaning in any situation and leveraging that knowledge to their advantage. This ability profoundly affected their health. It caused less anxiety and better mood control, improved their mental well-being, and led to a more balanced life.

Adam Halpern, Executive Life Coach


Stress Relief Through Nature

A particularly memorable case involves a client who was deeply troubled by ongoing stress and its negative effects on their health. In addressing their situation, we didn’t just focus on the usual suspects like diet and exercise; we also emphasized the importance of mental well-being and finding happiness in daily routines, such as gardening and engaging with the outdoors. This comprehensive approach led to significant positive changes in their health. They noticed a marked reduction in stress, better quality of sleep, and a rejuvenated love for life. 

By incorporating sustainable gardening practices, which I personally introduced them to, they also forged a stronger bond with the natural world, boosting their mental health in the process. This case strongly reinforced my belief in the effectiveness of holistic methods in creating real health improvements.

Mike Drouin, Co-founder, Digital Marketing Director, Gardening & Home Improvement Expert, Reefertilizer


Tailored Wellness Plans Transform Health

In my experience, a client once struggled with chronic stress and a poor diet. Through holistic wellness coaching, we implemented a tailored wellness plan that included mindfulness practices, improved nutritional habits, and regular physical activity. Over several months, the client reported higher energy levels, reduced stress, and better overall health, showcasing the transformative power of integrating multiple wellness disciplines.

Nicolas Krauss, Founder and CEO, dasFlow Custom Sublimation Apparel


Comprehensive Approach Alleviates Chronic Conditions

At our clinic, a patient with chronic skin issues experienced a dramatic improvement in her health through the comprehensive approach facilitated by our Wellness Nurse Practitioner. In addition to assessing her entire lab panel—including thyroid, hormone, and blood levels—we integrated nutrition, stress management, and sleep hygiene into her care plan. This holistic strategy, which included specific personalized adjustments based on her lab results, not only alleviated her skin conditions but also significantly enhanced her overall well-being and confidence.

David Hill, MD, Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director, Fulcrum Aesthetics & Surgery


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